Season 1

Word Crimes Podcast LogoThe Title 18: Word Crimes Podcast, hosted by Erik Arneson, features audio versions of crime fiction stories read by public radio veteran Scott Detrow, along with occasional special episodes.

On Season 1 of Word Crimes, you can listen to incredible stories by the likes of Joe Clifford, Jen Conley, David Cranmer (writing as Edward A. Grainger), Chris Holm, Christopher Irvin, Tom Pitts, Ron Earl Phillips, and Steve Weddle — along with the entire Noir at the Bar event in Philadelphia, an episode recorded live at Bouchercon 2014, and interviews with authors Robb Cadigan, Matt Cook, Rob Hart, and Andrew Nette.

You can listen to all 20 episodes of Title 18: Word Crimes: Season 1 right here at — but make sure you never miss a new episode by subscribing to Word Crimes on iTunes or Stitcher.


Noir at the Bar Philadelphia, Part 3 (S1E20)


Noir at the Bar Philadelphia, Part 2 (S1E19)


Noir at the Bar Philadelphia, Part 1 (S1E18)


“Merciless” by David Cranmer, writing as Edward A. Grainger (S1E17)


Live from Bouchercon 2014 (S1E16)


Interview with Andrew Nette (S1E15)


Interview with Robb Cadigan (S1E14)


Interview with Matt Cook (S1E13)


Interview with Rob Hart (S1E12)


“Pretty Little Things” by Chris Holm (S1E11)


“The Window” by Steve Weddle (S1E10)


“Sole Operator” by Erik Arneson (S1E9)


“Kick” by Jen Conley (S1E8)


“Strangers” by Joe Clifford (S1E7)


“The Biggest Myth” by Tom Pitts (S1E6)


“Vacation Package” by Christopher Irvin (S1E5)


“On the Sly” by Ron Earl Phillips and “Oh Well” by Erik Arneson (S1E4)


“Swing and a Miss” by Erik Arneson (S1E3)


“Twelve Before Nine” and “Blow Out the Candles” by Erik Arneson (S1E2)


“For the Honesty” by Erik Arneson (Pilot: S1E1)

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