Season 3 Starts Tomorrow

Title 18: Word Crimes Podcast LogoMy usual co-conspirator on the Title 18: Word Crimes podcast, Scott Detrow, has been a little busy this year wandering across the United States to cover the presidential race for NPR. (Check out the NPR Politics podcast to keep tabs on him.)

While Scott’s keeping us informed, I’ve invited Eric Beetner, Eryk Pruitt, and Erik Storey to join me here for a mini-season of Word Crimes. What do we all have in common? I’ll leave that to you.

Over the next four Tuesdays — starting tomorrow, Oct. 4 — we’ll take turns reading each other stories.

Up first, Eryk Pruitt reads “Farewell from a Desert Rat” by Erik Storey.

On the second episode, Eric Beetner reads “Levee Camp Moan” by Eryk Pruitt.

On the third episode, I read “Bleeding Out” by Eric Beetner.

And on the final episode, Erik Storey reads “Three Cases Only a Desperate, Below-Average Private Investigator Would Take” by me.

I hope you enjoy this all-too-brief four-episode season of Word Crimes!


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